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「creating the “Smart” Soft Materials」

 We are a research group in Department of Molecular Design & Engineering at Nagoya University. Our interest is to create “smart” soft materials. Soft materials such as polymers, colloids, liquid crystals and gels exhibit interesting properties that we cannot imagine. Soft materials are used in a wide range of applications such as automobile parts and airplane parts, liquid crystal displays such as televisions and smartphones, materials for regenerative medicine, and biomaterials.

 To create more sophisticated materials than traditional soft materials, we are working on the preparation of flexible, complex and smart soft materials by combining various components such as organic molecules, polymers and inorganic materials.

Yukikazu Takeoka
Associate Professor,    Department of Molecular Design & Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University


  • The research by Mr. Goto who is a graduate of our laboratory, is published at Sci. Adv. This research is a collaborative research with Prof. Ito, Prof. Mayumi and Dr. Liu of the University of Tokyo, the contents of the Impact project of the Cabinet Office "Flexible tough polymer".
  • A study by Mr. Jochi was introduced at Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun (September 21).
  • Ms. Naoi of the Doctoral Course received a poster award at the 69th colloid and interfacial chemistry (University of Tsukuba).
  • The research by Mr. Jochi was introduced at the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (September 13). In addition, it was featured in many foreign media.
  • The research by Mr. Jochi who is a graduate of our laboratory is published at NPG Asia Materials. In addition, the image diagram showing the contents of this research was chosen as an illustration adorning the top page of the NPG Asia Materials website.
  • The research content of Ms. Miki Sakai was introduced at the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper (Japanese) (July 10th).
  • Research by Ms. Miki Sakai is published at Small. It also became the inner cover. In addition, the content of this paper was published as a video abstract. This video is also posted in the gallery section of this homepage. This research content was also introduced to the Chunichi Newspaper (June 28 morning edition) and many overseas media.
  • Mr. Kwon Dow won the poster presentation award at ”82nd Prague Meeting on Macromolecules 24th Polymer Networks Group Meeting” held in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • A research by Mr. Teshima and Mr. Suzuki who are graduates of our laboratory was published at ChemNanoMat. The image diagram of this research is also the inner cover page.
  • Mr. Eiji Miwa and Mr. Kwon Dow won the "67th Annual Meeting of the Polymer Society Annual Meeting Excellence Poster Award" (PDF).
  • The content of Takeoka’s interview in the article on the bird structural color paper was posted.